13 April 2014

Starvkille for the Day!

John was in Mississippi to help his brother move. So, Sunday we met a friend in Starkville for the State vs. Ole Miss game. We were only there for about half the game, and we were sucking it up... but it was still lots of fun to be back in Starkville! 

07 April 2014

Relish By Lucy Knisley

Summary: Lucy Knisley loves food. The daughter of a chef and a gourmet, this talented young cartoonist comes by her obsession honestly. In her forthright, thoughtful, and funny memoir, Lucy traces key episodes in her life thus far, framed by what she was eating at the time and lessons learned about food, cooking, and life. Each chapter is bookended with an illustrated recipe—many of them treasured family dishes, and a few of them Lucy's original inventions.

This was a graphic novel memoir. It was a quick and fun read. Filled with fun stories and great recipes. A nice little book the library actually had! 

01 April 2014

Trivia Tuesday!

Just about every Tuesday, I got with some friends to Trivia Tuesday. This was my bill for the night, cheapest tab ever! And I left a 100% tip!