28 November 2013

Thanksgivng in Bandara, TX!

John and I went to his deer camp in Bandera, TX for the Thanksgiving Holidays. This was my first real hunting experience. It was actually a lot of fun! We didn't get anything, but it was fun to sit in the deer stand and watch all the deer come out. Seeing the sunset and rise (I only went to one morning hunt). Being outside when it was so quite and actually being able to see the stars.

Deer Camp

John's Deer Stand 

View to the feeders

Deer Feeders


It had been nasty the first day. It was so nice to see the sun!

Beautiful Hills of Bandara, TX

More hills

More hills

On Wednesday, John took me to Fredericksburg,TX to visit some winery's. We went several places to try some wine, but never made it to the winery's. I posted the picture below on Instagram, and it turned out some girlfriends of ours were coming to Fredericksburg for a Thanksgiving/girls trip! We hung out with them for the rest of the day and mainly hung out at the beer gardens. We also made a trip to Luckenback, TX! 

Christmas Pyramid 

Drinking German Beer

For out Thanksgiving meal, John smoked a turkey!

I made the stuffing and green bean casserole. I had everything in the oven cooking. I was just sitting on the couch, reading, and I heard a weird noise. I looked in the kitchen at the oven and all I saw was orange in the window! I carefully opened the oven, and the heading element was going out! I called for John and he immediately turned off the oven, it was officially broken. Everything had only been in the oven about 5 minutes, so I had to cook everything on the stove top. I was a little panicked, but everything still turned out great!

Our Thanksgiving feast!

11th Street Cowboy Bar, Bandara, TX. This was one of the hot spots in town.

This was at Arkey Blue's Silver Dollar Saloon. 
It was in a basement and had a saw dust dance floor. 

A ring tail cat. I really wanted to pet it, but changed my mind at the noise it made when I got close to it.

John saw this on his game camera, we really wanted to see it in person, but it never came out for us. 
It's called an Aoudad.

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