13 October 2012

Corn Maze

After the race we went to the Corn Maze. At night it's haunted and we didn't think P was quite ready for this so we went this afternoon. This was the first time I had been through a corn maze. It was a little warm, be it's was lots of fun!!!

 The Corn Maze

 Each year the maze is a different design. This year, spiderweb!

The rules

Entrance to the Corn Maze

To do the maze there were ten questions to get you through the maze.


Question #2

So after 7 the corn maze is haunted. This is where the scary scarecrow would wait for you.
Me trying to look like a scarecrow, I just look sacrilegious.

Question #3

Dead end. Even with the questions guiding us, we still got lost.

Question #4

View from a platform. It was no help.

Question #5

Half way! We could quit of keep moving. We kept moving.

More corn

Question #6

Question #7

Question #8

Question #9

Question #10

Made it out!!

Group pic!

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  1. They have the same questions every year, I think. We should memorize them now and prepare for next year :)