13 October 2012

Color Run - Memphis

Today Candice and I did The Color Run! We had heard about this race and when we found out it was coming to Memphis we signed up! This was not a timed race it was all for fun!


Near the start of the race

So Fresh and So Clean Clean
(The headbands didn't last long)

Start of the race

Waiting to start
There were so many people there that they have a wave start.


 First color was yellow!

 I was a little excited...

 Can and I took a picture after every color.

 Pink was next.

 Pink picture (can't really see it, but it was there!)

Orange! The volunteers look a little like human Cheetos

 About to get me in the face!

 Orange pic

Waiting for blue

 Last was blue.
(Blue was a little aggravating, there was a serious backup and it took a few minutes to get through)

I got pelted in the ear with blue.
(On Monday I was still picking blue out of my ear)

 Shirt at the end!



 This was the after party. They gave everyone a bag to throw. And these guys had buckets of color.

 A better after picture
 Group pic with friends!

We had so much fun doing this race! There is a color type run coming to Jackson next year! I can't wait.

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