20 September 2012

Rain = Good day to visit musums

Today it rained pretty much all day long. Luckily I still had some time on my bus pass, so I didn't have to walk so much in the rain. Most of the museums are free in Edinburgh. So I visited the National Gallery of Scotland and National Museum of Scotland.

National Gallery of Scotland
This was the free art museum. It was fun to get out of the rain and just walk around. While I was there, they had an art class going on in part of the gallery. People just stood around and watched other people draw. It was very interesting. It was very warm in the museum so I moved on to the National Museum of Scotland.

National Museum of Scotland

This was also a free museum and it was ginormous!! One part was 5 stories and the second part was 7 stories. And to top that off the tour guide on the bus told me it's not as good as it use to be because they have taken lots of stuff out. I spend hours walking around, and I didn't see everything. Here are a few of the random pictures from the museum I took.

The sky cleared for a big. View of rooftops from the top of the museum.

My name in Morse Code. 
(I think I had more fun with the interactive kid stuff then everything else I looked at.)

T-Rex RRRrrrrr!

I weigh as much as a giant anteater. Good to know...

Dolly, the first clone.

Ever see the movie The Flying Scotsman. This is his real bike.

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