27 May 2012

Trip to Oxford, MS

This weekend, Teresa, Momma, and I made our way to Oxford, MS for our cousin Natalie's wedding. I had only been to Oxford for football games, and had never really gone anywhere in the city. As much as I hate to admit it, Oxford is a really pretty town. We walked around downtown at The Square for a bit, I got a few pictures of us each sitting with a statue of William Faulkner.

We had lots of fun at the wedding. Teresa and I were Tea Girls and were in charge of cutting the wedding cake and the dessert table. My phone died, so I only managed one bad picture of Mom and Tom Nettles boogie on the dance floor. You would thing that Natalie's college friends would be the ones on the dance floor, but no, it was the Nettles who got the party started!


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  1. I like the picture of you and ole' Will! :)