04 March 2012

The Surrey With The Fringe On Top

Today we made a day trip down to Galveston. It was such a pretty day. I did a quick look at the Galveston website and saw an advertisement for a 4 person bike (limo surrey). It was such a beautiful day, so we rented one for the hour. And an hour was enough, our bike was a little old/rundown, but it was still fun!

Here's what it looked like!

Candice took this picture! Turned out good!

When we first got going, I was trying to tell everyone about The Surrey With the Fringe on Top song from Oklahoma. But I couldn't remember the words and no one knew what I was talking about anyway, so here's the song for your enjoyment!

1 comment:

  1. cute song...I remember the music to it now. I guess I'll be singing this the rest of the day ;-)