17 March 2012

Houston St. Patty's Parade!

For St. Patty's Day, John and I went downtown Houston to the parade. It was much much tamer then the Jackson parade, more family friendly. Even though we got there right when the parade was starting, we got a great spot! Here are a few pictures

Fun Car

There are a whole section of Houston Irish Lawyers Association

People dressed in Civil War clothing and cannons!

Bag Pipers

John said he could see me wearing these and being in a parade. :D

There were about 25 Delorean's  in the parade. Not sure which were real and which
were kit cars. But it was still pretty cool!!

More Cars

This lady was entertaining!

Then it got more entertaining with the fire out the back of the car!

Lots of pretty doggies. This is an Irish Greyhound. (It's a miniature Greyhound)

These dogs where HUGE!  Irish Wolfhound!

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