10 October 2011

Weekend in the Woods!!

For the long holiday weekend, I headed to Houston to go camping with John! We had so much fun and  quite a few adventures in the woods...

Adventure #1 Getting the car stuck in the woods...

I didn't get any pictures of this, but John and I got his car stuck. We were going down a hill leading to a corn feeder. We got to a little bump in the hill and decided we probably shouldn't go any further. But, it was too late. The front left tire slipped and went on the other side of the hill. The left frame was sitting on the ground. So John put the parking break on. He went into the woods, got a big limb and a bag of the corn feed out of the car, and put it at the tire to try to get some traction. I got in the drivers seat to try and back us out. I started the car, took the parking break off, and the right side rolled. Now the whole front frame of the car was on the hill. We were stuck, big time. We did get unstuck a little bit later, thanks to a friendly man with a tractor. We didn't do any off-roading after that.

Tent (without the rain flap) 

Adventure #2. Rain...

It wasn't supposed to rain. 0% chance. Went John and I put the tent up, we did not put the rain flap on. We wanted to be able to look at the stars. We got our camp site all set up, John went hunting, and I was reading a book. It was so nice, just be able to sit and read and do nothing else. John and I were texting back and forth (no toilet or shower, but we had cell phone service) John texted, Big scary cloud coming. I texted, I see it. About a minute later, it started raining. Hard. So here I was trying to put the rain flap on the tent by myself. I'm sure I looked funny. I made circles around the tent trying to get the top on, only for it to slide off again. I finally got it on, but not before everything in the tent got wet. And of course, about a minute after I got the cover on, the rain stopped. It did start up again, and it rained Sunday night too. So the top stayed on the tent the rest of the weekend.


Coffee! Just for me!

Breakfast Bacon


John made a Great Breakfast!!

Adventure #3 Wild Hogs...

There was another corn feeder John wanted to go check out. There was a camera set up near it and he wanted to get the SD card. We walked down this long path through goat grass that was above our knees. There was a little bit of tire tracks where the grass wasn't so high for us to walk through. We get about 100 yards from the feeder and we hear a noise. We both stood very still and we see a hog. It's about 40 yards away from us. It turns and looks right at us, I'm so excited to see some animals, John not so much. I talked him into taking a shot, and the hog runs into the woods. We stand very still for a minute, and it sounds as if it's cutting back and trying to cut us off from behind. Just about that time we hear about a half dozen more coming from the left. We didn't see the hog behind us, so John told me to start backing up very slowly. We did go back down a little bit to make sure John didn't shoot the hog, but we made sure to make lots of noise, so we didn't see any more hogs.

I'm not sure when we will able to go back again, but we sure had a great time in the woods!!

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  1. John is so awesome. I'm gonna have to go out and buy you a coffee pot before you come back. I feel bad that we didn't have coffee last time.