31 October 2010

Photo 29

New Lip Gloss :)

Movie Night!

Tonight I watched 12 Angry Men. I had seen this movie before but it was fun to watch it again.

This is a movie about a jury of 12 men, in a time when juries were all white and male.  They are deciding if an 18-year-old boy is guilty of stabbing his father to death. This is a very dramatic movie, the whole movie takes place in a hot and claustrophobic jury room. When you watch this movie you really have to give it your full attention. I think this is a movie everyone should see once.

30 October 2010

Go State!

Today I got to go to the Mississippi State vs. Kentucky game! It was lots of fun and we won! Which made things even better. I managed to get a few pictures.

Let the game begin!

Go State!

Dan the man!

Save the Bell!

Pimp Bully

Final Score 24 - 17!!

Photo 28

More Cowbell

29 October 2010

Five Guys!

Tonight Teresa and I decided to try Five Guys! I had wanted to try it for a while but kept forgetting about it.

I got a cheeseburger and the regular french fries. It was very good, but a little spendy for such a small hamburger. I may or may not go back...

4 restaurants down 26 to go!

Photo 27

Fresh Pot of Joe

27 October 2010

Movie Night!

Tonight I watched Swing Time, starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. It's about a man, who misses his wedding and is given a second chance if he can come up with $25,000. On his quest to come up with the money, he meets a dance instructor and soon forgets about his fiance.

Fun Fact: The song The Way You Look Tonight was originated for the movie Swing Time.


I've seen several Fred Astaire movies but I don't think I had never seen one with Ginger Rogers. I thought is was  a cute little movie. But I do enjoy a musical every once in a while. :D

Photo 25

Birds on a Wire

25 October 2010

Photo 23

My Pumpkin

Tonight, Me, Teresa, and Mom had a pumpkin carving party! I took several pictures, but none of them turned out very good. They all turned out very dark. This photo was taken with my BlackBerry. Boo!

24 October 2010

Movie Night!

Tonight I got to mark another movie off my list. I watched Gone With The Wind. A classic!

Photo 22

Post Run Treat

23 October 2010

Photo 21

Clean Clothes in Need of Folding

Walk to Cure Diabetes!

This morning I attended the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes with my co-worker Robin. Her daughter had juvenile diabetes and she asked me to attend. This was my second walk for diabetes. It was held at Mayes Lake and lots of fun! The only downside was the walk was in the woods, we kept getting chased by spiders and yellow jackets. I had finally had enough fun, and when home. But it was a great use of my Saturday morning!

22 October 2010

Mississippi Legends Grill!

Tonight I got to try a new restaurant, Mississippi Legend Grill.

This restaurant is located on Lakeland, down the road from Dogwood. It was a pretty neat place, you get seated and you order your own food, using a touch screen. While you are waiting for your food, you can play games with your table. The food wasn't anything great, just overpriced bar food. I ended up getting the kids meal, so I did okay. The drinks were good though, and when we got there, it was happy hour. I got  a margarita for $1.50. Not sure if this is somewhere I'll go again though.

3 restaurants down 27 more to go!

Photo 20

View from lunch

20 October 2010

Movie Night!

Wednesday night there is nothing on t.v. that interest me, so I made it a movie night! Tonight I watched Forrest Gump.  Such a great movie. I've seen it several times. But it was fun to watch it again. It still amazes me, how the director incorporate Tom Hanks into archive footage with historical figures and into events. Oh the power of movie magic!!

Photo 18


18 October 2010

Movie Night!

I was expecting to get a Netflix in the mail on Saturday, and today it still wasn't in my mailbox. So, I popped in one of the VHS, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

I remember watching this movie when I was little. It was fun watching it again, such a simple sweet story!

Photo 16

Knock Knock

17 October 2010

Movie Day!

00Yes, I spent just about all day watching movies. A VHS movie marathon, three movies to be exact. Titanic, Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring, and Toy Story.

I loved this movie when it came out. I literally saw it in the theater three times! I know kind of dorky, but that's in high school and now... not much has changed.

This first time I saw this movie was with friends when it came out of video, I fell asleep watching it. About the time the second movie was going to come out, I decided to give the first movie another shot. I love it! Then I was hooked to all of them.

Love this movie! And after recently seeing Toy Story 3, it was fun to revisit the original.

Photo 15

Muffin Sunday!

16 October 2010

Movie Night!

Turns out I own several of the movies on the 100 AFI's Best List. But they are on VHS. So my sister did me a big favor and brought me my VCR and some of the video's I needed.

When I decided to watch the movies on this list, I decided to watch all the movies, even if I'd already seen them. Tonight I decided to watch E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial! I loved this movie when I was little, as it was fun watching it tonight!

Photo 14

Got Mail?

13 October 2010

Movie Night!

Tonight I watched the first Star Wars. I'm pretty sure I've seen the whole movie over the years in bits and pieces on t.v. but I don't think I've ever seen it all the way through until tonight. I have to say, it was pretty good! Kind of made me want to rent all 6 movie and have a Star Wars moviethon! I know I'll a little bit of a nerd, oh well!

Photo 11

Spin Friend

10 October 2010

Smash Burger!

I got to try a great burger place tonight! It was so good. Defiantly one of the top 5 hamburgers I've ever had. Another great thing about Smash Burger is that I could get fried dill pickles instead of fries. And theses were defiantly some of the best fired pickles!! Smash Burger is a chain, but of course the nearest one is in Texas. But I hope it is somewhere I can go again the next time I'm over that way.

This is my second new resturnate to try, only 28 more to go!

Photo 8

New bag

Texans Game!

On Sunday, John and I got to go to our first NFL game! The Texans vs. The Giants! We went with our friends Joe and Valerie. The Texans lost, but it was still lots of fun!


Texans Stadium

Waiting for the team!




More Field

Team running on field!

Coin Toss

Let the game begin!

Final Score

Fans clearing out quick

More of fans clearing out quick

John and I in front of the field!

After the game, Joe and Valerie suggested we go to The Chocolate Bar! It was chocolate overload, but fantastic! It was their anniversary, so with any candy purchase you got a taste of their best cake and ice cream!

The Chocolate Bar!

I ended up getting a Marshmallow Kabob and
a Raspberry White Chocolate thingy.

Chocolate Cake and a Strawberry Chocolate Ice Cream!